Thomy Horseradish

Thomy Horseradish

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The ready-to-eat Thomy Horseradish comes freshly from the horseradish root. Its spiciness comes from the mustard oils. Therefore, you can feel the spiciness in the nose and not in the mouth. It goes very well with cooked and roasted meat, cold cuts, and as a base for sauces.

Net weight 95g

Best Before Date 31/5/24

Thomy 🇩🇪




Horseradish, rapeseed oil, brandy vinegar, sugar, WHEY PRODUCT, iodized salt, acidifier citric acid, modified starch, thickener (guar gum, xanthan gum), flavorings (with MUSTARD), antioxidant SODIUM METABISULPHITE



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