Danish Nordic import food and candy from Denmark and sell it in Australia
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About us Danish Nordic

Danish Nordic sell Remoulade, liquorice, Matador Mix and other Danish food and Danish candy products on our online webshop in Australia. We have customers all over Australia and we send out from South to North to West of East :) From Melbourne to Cairns. From Perth to Brisbane and Sydney. Actually, we send parcels everyday to every city or town in Australia ;)

About Danish Nordic

I have always travelled a lot and I remember how much I missed the Danish food products and Danish candy while I was away. In those thoughts, I came up with the idea to sell Danish food and candy products when I moved to Sydney in April 2015. I am a Danish woman who lives in Sydney with my boyfriend.

My company Danish Nordic imports and sells Danish food and non-food products to customers all over Australia.

It started with a simple idea - give Danish customers in Australia what they want, when and where they want it.

We import most of the products from Denmark to our warehouse in Sydney. From the warehouse we pack all orders and send out to all of Australia.

Our business idea is to give the customers what they want and we constantly innovates to keep up with and, in many cases, stay ahead of our customers´ changing needs and expectations.

We sell retail and wholesale.

Have a great day! Hope you will enjoy our website and please let us know if there is anything, we can help you with!

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