About DanishNordic

About DanishNordic

DanishNordic imports and sells Danish and other Scandinavian products to customers all over Australia.

We import our products from Denmark into our Perth facilities.

We also provide a wholesale purchasing service to businesses who wish to stock Danish products in their own stores to spread the Danish love! Feel free to contact us if your business wishes to partner with us.

We already stock many Danish favourites such as Remoulade, salt liquorice and makrel, and are continually growing our product range with new and exciting additions.

DanishNordic is a family run business which I operate from Perth, Western Australia. I have lived in Australia since 1994 with my husband and two kids. DanishNordic allows me to bring my love for Danish food, cooking and homewares to life.

Thank you for being a part of DanishNordic's journey, we look forward to shipping off your next order of your favourite goodies soon!

 Love, Lone x

Happy shopping 😋😁





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