Nørregade Kongen af Danmark - Aniseed Hard Boiled Candy

Nørregade Kongen af Danmark - Aniseed Hard Boiled Candy

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Hardboiled candy with aniseed flavour.

Et bolche fyldt med tradition og kongelighed. Præget med en krone og afrundet smag af anis.

Net weight 100g
Originale Nørregade Bolcher


Spangsberg 🇩🇰

The name "Kongen af Danmark" (translating: The king of Denmark) comes from around year 1600.

According to the legend, King Christian 5th, who was king of Denmark from 1670 to 1699, had a sore throat and called his doctor. The doctor prescribed anise oil, future medicine for a sore throat. But as anise oil taste strong, the king would not take it. Therefore, the doctor had to think of something.

He had heard that some pharmacists supplied drugs to sugar paste to make it palatable. He made a hot sugar mass which he added anise oil and a bit of beetroot juice. It turned into fine, red candies, which King Christian 5th gladly ate. And he got well.



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