Lene Bjerre Candle - Lupia

  • $38.95

Size: L7.5xW7.5xH20 cm.

Colour: white.

Lupia is a series of pillar candles in a feminine design with a long burning time. The design on our Lupia series is inspired by natures beautiful flowers. The flower motive is cast by hand in special moulds. Then the skilled artisans lay a layer of paint on the candle to emphasise the details in the flower design.

The candles in the Lupia series are made of 100% paraffin wax. It is a mineral material with better properties than regular wax. We make soot tests on our candles to ensure that the wax does not exceed EU requirements regarding strict limits for sooting - it is our way of helping you get a better indoor climate.

NOTE: We recommend that you remove the shiny foil placed on the candle before use. If you choose to leave the foil on the candle, cut down the foil as the candle burns. The candle should never burn further than the foil.



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