Polly Original Licorice

Polly Original Licorice

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Cloetta Polly Licorice is the ultimate foam top for those who want to enjoy a mix of Polly and Licorice flavor. The combination of foam top, licorice and chocolate makes it impossible just to take one! A Swedish Favorite!

Net weight 100g

Cloetta ­č窭čç¬


Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fats (palm, shea), inverted sugar syrup, glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder, whey powder (milk), cocoa mass, gelatin, liquorice extract, emulsifier (sunflower citin, E476, soy lecithin), ammonium chloride (salmiak), flavor (vanillin), salt, surface treatment agent (gum arabic, shellac), thickener (pectin), acidity acidity regulator(citric acid), colour (vegetable carbon), acid (citric acid), vegetable oils (coconut, rape seed)



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