Evers Dark Konfetti Mix Licorice

Evers Dark Konfetti Mix Licorice

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Dark Konfetti Mix er store stykker sød lakrids i sprød sukkerskal med smag af anis, karamel, solbær og stærk lakrids.

Sweet licorice pieces coated in a crunchy sugar shell with notes of aniseed, caramel, blackcurrant and strong licorice.

Net weight 190g

Carletti 🇩🇰 



Sugar, molasses, glucose syrup, water, modified starch (potato), licorice extract, thickener (gum arabic), colours (titanium dioxide, iron oxide, vegetable charcoal, anthocyanin, carminic acid), flavorings, salmon salt, surfactants, carnaubulx, carnaubulx (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), acidity regulator (citric acid).

Contains traces of hazelnuts and almonds



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