Kims Chips - Mega Snack Chips Holiday & Onion

Kims Chips - Mega Snack Chips Holiday & Onion

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Kims Snack Chips are the  square chips in the yellow bag! A classic from 1987. KiMs Snack Chips are rifled chips with delicious, spiced flavour and unbeaten crispness.

This new flavour combination chip is cooked in onion oil and spiced with the classic Kims Holiday flavours.

Nyd smagskombinationen af sprøde Snack Chips stegt i løg olie og krydret med den klassiske velkendte Holiday smag. KiMs Mega Snack Chips Dobbelt Krydret Holiday & Onion giver dig smag med smag på. De er fantastisk fantastisk – og så er de MEGA gode at dippe med, så husk dippen

Net weight 155g

Best Before Date: 

Kims 🇩🇰



71% potato powder, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, maltodextrin, flavour enhancer (E621), sugar, parsley, onion powder, milk powder, acid (malic), yeast extract, paprika, garlic powder, spices (White pepper, chilli), E600, spice extract (onion),  aroma.





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