Carletti  Bridge Blanding

Carletti Bridge Blanding

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Chocolate, nut, mint, raisin and licorice mix. 

A perfect mix with something for everyone.

No artificial colours

Bridge Blanding er den klassiske palette af lækre smagsvarianter. Chokolade, nødder, mandler, lakrids, mint, krokant og rosiner er forenet i et skønt forhold, som har bevist sin holdbarhed igennem mange år. Perfekt til familiens slikskål eller til biografturen. Ligesom alle vores andre dragéprodukter indeholder Brigde Blanding udelukkende naturfarver.

Net weight 160g

Best Before Date: 04/03/25

Carletti 🇩🇰

Please be aware that as always we will pack this product as safely as possible, however as this is a delicate product we can not guarantee this product will arrive in perfect condition. We will continue to stock this Danish favourite despite the risk, however when you choose to purchase this item you agree to receive it as it arrives. Thank you for understanding. 

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, SWEET MILK POWDER, raisins, HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, glucose syrup, molasses, WHEEL POWDER (MILK), WHEAT FLOUR, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, MILK FAT, ammonium carbine (gum), chrysanthemum curcumin, mixed carotenes), emulsifiers (sunflower lecithins, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), modified starch (potato), coatings (gum arabic, carnauba wax, shellac, beeswax), salt, flavorings, licorice extract (acid extract, consistency) citric acid).



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